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Roar recruits exclusively for senior-level positions at private companies and investment firms.

We came together around the belief that clients should expect more from executive search partners who fill their most critical roles. At Roar, we are paving a new way forward. It begins by embracing two fundamental principles others often overlook:

1. Transparency. Recruiting ought to be an open and collaborative process with clients - 24/7. We turn this notion into reality by utilizing an 'always-on' portal for real-time updates on all our recruiting projects. The result for clients: zero delays and complete transparency on:

  • Search statuses & next steps

  • Candidate pipelines & assessments 

  • Recruitment strategies & target coverage


2. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Executive search should be focused on leaders who have direct experience in the role that is being filled. For each role, we calibrate for key variables including the relevant industries, scale, and skillsets with our clients, and then our research team gets to work identifying the candidates that qualify company-by-company. This simple, but tedious process ensures a prevents potential candidates from 'slipping through the cracks' undiscovered. We also keep our recruiting fees as straightforward as possible: a fixed rate per role. 

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We employ a rigorous process across all searches. The byproduct of this: the vast majority of placed candidates are identified within the first two weeks.


Align on key criteria for ideal candidate


Define strategy to engage top prospects



Assess candidates' skills & fit for the role



Secure finalist & complete referencing


We recruit high-impact leaders for investors and their portfolio companies, regardless of scale, organizational maturity, or ownership structure:

1. Executives.  Roar specializes in C-level, VP, and Director searches for privately-held companies. Our focus is to secure talent that can significantly shape business outcomes.

2. Investment Professionals & Operating Partners. We partner with venture, growth equity, buyout and hedge funds to secure professionals for internal investing and operational roles. Roar counsels funds on the build-out of their team and identifying key contributors to join their ranks.

3. Board of Directors & Advisors. Roar assists companies to identify board directors and senior-level advisors. We start by assessing existing expertise and experience gaps at the board and C-Suite.  Often, these gaps are the result of new obstacles driven by market dynamics or competitive threats.  Roar's talent network allows us to place executives with the skills and experience to fill independent board or advisory roles.

Industry Proficiency. Roar serves companies and investors across an array of industries. We have administered searches across more than 15 different industries, with particular expertise in: technology; business services; financial services; manufacturing; retail; consumer goods; and healthcare.  

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If you need a recruiting partner or simply have a question, get in touch with us and let’s start a conversation.

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